A Thank You

   We want to thank all the folks who expressed an interest in Pops Royalty Management Software. And we’re sending a hello to all the great folks we met at NARO Long Beach. By the way, the NARO Long Beach Special Price for attendees is still available.
We are very close to launching the beta test. Early Adopters will receive the beta package first. We’re posting our progress on the Pops Blog, feel free to follow there or via Facebook or TwitterPops development is financed by the revenues from Mophilly Technology Inc., our boutique, premier quality technology consultancy. Any leads you can share with us are greatly appreciated and a portion of every dollar goes to the Pops project.
Please tell your friends and associates about us and take a look at the Mophilly website or call. In addition to expertise in the mineral, oil and gas business, we also bring extensive enterprise level expertise that a company might find very useful in a tailor made project.

Thank you so much for your interest in Pops.

The Phillips Family and the Pops Crew