"Ease the Burden of Royalty Management Paperwork"

Robust, Sophisticated Software for Oil, Gas and Mineral Lease Management



Pops Royalty Manager is a modern lease and royalty tracking software system focused on easing the burden of paper work, reducing your time spent with run statements and document management. You gain the time to work on maximizing the potential of your mineral, oil and gas royalty investments instead of grinding through paper work. Some users have reduced the hours spent on their royalty business by as much as 70%. 


There is no limit on the number of properties and wells you can track, easily handling millions of records, making Pops Royalty Manager ideal for asset managers and private owners alike. 

Great Features

  • No limit on the number of properties and wells
  • Electronic “hands free” input of run statement data
  • Import data from Excel spreadsheets and more
  • Scan and file documents within the program so you can declutter your office
  • See which wells are not paying as much so you can stay ahead of the game
  • Leave handy reminders by using the note function with date and time stamp
  • Quickly locate active leases and division orders with search functions 
  • Prepare income and expense reports for tax filing
  • Build your cashflow by seeing which leases are about to expire with our lease reports
  • Quick, automatic linking of leases, division orders and payments
  • Print summary reports of oil/gas/mineral revenues by owner, company, well, state, county  and more.
  • Manage your interests and the interests of others, revenue is tracked by owner and easy to identify.



Back in 1902, our forefather W. G. Phillips moved to the Cherokee Nation, now called Oklahoma, exploring for oil and drilling wells. As the industry began to take shape,  he focused on royalty investments. Over time, Pops, as we called him, developed a sophisticated system for tracking and managing mineral, oil and gas royalty income producing property, including fee land and severed interest. From his successful ventures comes the Pops Royalty Software product.