The Pops Royalty Manager system mirrors the seven primary royalty business areas, providing routine document management and tracking.

Pops Work Flow

The main viewer presents the seven main modules in an organized, easy to understand manner.

CompanyCompanies – Organize all the people and organizations you do business with in a single place. This includes owners, sellers, lessees, operators, etc..

TitleTitles – Grants and deeds you manage. Record important date and acreage information. This is your “deed” documents and information.

TractTracts – Tracts of land by description. Include gross and net acres and sort by county and state. Tracts are part of titles, leases and other documents.

LeaseLeases – Leases and lease offers. Sections included for terms, production status, nature of material and more.

Statement Of InterestStatements of Interest – Division orders, unit agreements, spacing orders and other documents that confirm your royalty payments.

WellWells – Wells by name and sorted by state and county. Handles multiple land description types and well status.

RevenueRevenue – Income and expenses are gathered here, with support for importing production data from third parties as well as manual entries.

The Main Viewer

The Main Viewer presents an organized view of your information

Pops Royalty Manager uses a simple “drill down” design that is easy to understand.

Pops General to Specific

Drill down design makes updating a breeze

The full text search feature makes it easy to find any document or note, anywhere in the system. You can search any word or term, and set up complex search criteria.

Global Search

Search thousands of documents and notes in seconds

See Pops In Action!

Let us show you how the program works. Start by clicking this link to the Pops Overview on this web site. If you would like more information, contact us for a chat. We are happy to answer your questions, show you the features, and the work flow.

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