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Pops 4.2.5 Release

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We are excited to share with you that the Pops version 4.2.5 has been released!

Check below for some of the improvements.

Distribution Editor

If you have not entered an Owner Gross Amount in the Distribution editor, it will now calculate it for you when you enter the Owner Run Statement Net Totals.

Tract Inventory List
While running a tract inventory list, you can now export the report to a CSV file.

Pops can now import joint interest billing statements (JIBs) from EnergyLink as well as import production spreadsheets from Coffeyville Resources!

Import Window
Now shows a list of import options. Letting you just select what it is you need.

Pops Royalty Manager 4.1 Released

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We’ve been busy bees over here at Pops and are happy to share that we have a new release for you – Pops Royalty Manager Software Version 4.1!

New Features

  • Support for MacOS Big Sur (MacOS 11.x)
  • Enhanced search features. See online user guide section “Searching In Pops” for details.
  • The Titles Available for Lease report now supports expanded search parameters
  • New report to list post production deduction cost for wells.
  • From a single spreadsheet file, create titles, leases, wells, division orders, and all of their issuer, payor, and operator companies


  • Titles Available for Lease report now allows criteria selection.
  • The Reports window has been redesigned to give more flexibility when selecting what information to print.
  • Well import now reports an error if the Operator name was missing in the import file.
  • Folders used for CDEX and EnergyLink import are now contained in a “Pops Royalty Manager” folder in “Documents”.
  • Performance improvements on 64 bit computer systems

And a passel of product quality and user experience improvements suggested by our customers.

Version 4 is Ready to Rock!

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Version 4 is Ready to Rock!

Rev it up! We are very excited to release our newest version of Pops Royalty Manager software to you! This release runs on MacOS Catalina 10.15 and Windows 10.

It is built on a new 64 bit engine under the hood to run faster and take up less room on your computer. Who doesn’t love a fast organizational tool? Get your royalties under control fast!


Read the Press Release

Version Released

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This release includes two new feature sets as well as general maintenance and improvements.

  • New columns now available in the import tools for Statements of Interest
  • Print to CSV, Tab Delimited, Text, and Clipboard from the Main Viewer

Current users can update automatically. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

See Pops at 2019 NARO Convention

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See Pops at 2019 NARO Convention

Pops Royalty Management Software is a proud sponsor of the NARO National Convention in Pittsburgh, October 2nd through 4th. It’s not too late to register. We would love to see you at the conference!

Pops Royalty Management Software has a lot of great features to ease management of your mineral, oil and gas assets. Stop by our booth or give us a shout to set up a private appointment or a demo at the expo. Current users can also schedule training sessions with Tiffany and Mark. Email us at or call (619) 296-0114.

Can’t make it to Pittsburgh? Contact us for a demonstration

Pops Releases Version 3.3.01 for Mac and PC

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Version 3.3.01 includes a feature that will alert users (both Desktop and Enterprise) at program startup when a new software update is available and will start the install with the click of a button. It also includes a number of improvements and fault resolutions.

Enterprise clients will be contacted for an installation appointment and preview of the new features.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are using a version of Pops older than version 3.3.0, you must upgrade to version 3.3.0 before attempting to update to version 3.3.01. Please call if you have any questions or concerns.

To update your software:  
Version 3.3.0 and version 3.3.01 for Mac and PC are available on the Pops download site
Password information was sent to current clients via email.
Locate your downloaded installer file(s) in your Downloads folder and double click the file (.exe for PC or .dmg for Mac) to launch the installation.For questions or assistance email or telephone (619) 296-0114.

Update v3.3.0 for Mac and Windows Now Available

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Pops releases version 3.3.0!


Thanks for using Pops Royalty Manager! The application is updated frequently to provide you with the best possible experience. This software update is free to download and recommended for all users.


To update your software:  

Visit the Pops Download site by clicking here

Password information was sent to current clients via email.  Enterprise clients will be contacted for an installation appointment and preview of the new features.


Here are a couple enhancements you’ll find in this Pops update:

  • NEW Excel Spreadsheets Import feature!
    • Save time and energy by not having to re-type information you’ve already saved in spreadsheets.
  • NEW CDEX import feature!
    • Import your CDEX check receipt details to easily view all those royalty line items.
  • NEW Division Order Comparison Report!
    • See at a glance important info like lease holder, operator, Net Revenue Interest (NRI), and location.
  • Plus other enhancements to make the software even better!


Pops Royalty Manager v3.2.70 Released

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We update the application frequently to provide you with the best possible experience. This update is free to download and recommended for all users. Here are some enhancements you’ll find in this update:

  • Export reports to MS Excel
  • Quick receipt validation checker
  • Improvements to the county and state entry fields
  • Improvements to the fractional interest entry fields
  • Modification to allow for backslashes or forward slashes
  • general bug fixes
Current users have been sent an email to the password protected download site.

Enterprise clients, as part of your concierge service, we’ll contact you to schedule an appointment to update your computer systems at a time that is convenient for you.

Update 3.2.60 available for Mac and Windows

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Pops Royalty Management Software releases v3.2.60 for Mac and Windows 

This is a  maintenance release that fixes a bunch of things under the hood to make life easier for you! This is a free update and recommended for all users.

To update your software go to the Pops Download site by clicking here. The download site is password protected.

Enterprise clients will be contacted to arrange update appointments, as part of our Pops concierge service.

Carbon Dioxide To Stone

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Carbon Dioxide To Stone

The seemingly endless new discoveries provided by the scientific process are a joy indeed. In software engineering so many processes are modeled after natural systems; it is wise for the professional engineer to study other disciplines. Climate change has captured the minds of millions around the world and made “science” a hot topic. In this article I present some interesting recent developments.

In the latter part of the 20th century, the concept of “compaction” became the accepted theory describing the creation of oil and gas. The idea is coal, oil and natural gas originate from the remains of plants and animals that died millions of years ago and were buried under layers of water and sediment, which prevented the normal decomposition into dirt that occurs at the surface of the earth. These layers were compressed into sedimentary rock, oil and gas, over the course of millions of years. “Compaction” theory says oil and gas is finite, and it is part of many climate change theories.

In the fall of 2015, Science magazine published the article “How buried water makes diamonds and oil” that describes the “Deep Earth Model” theory [HAND]. The model describes how water, 200 kilometers down, dissolves ions and causes many unexpected chemical reactions. This model challenges the theory of “compaction” and may significantly alter modern theories of biology and geology. It also presents a continuous active process, as observed in biological systems, one that may require far less time than the compaction theory.

Another interesting report entitled “Rapid carbon mineralization for permanent disposal of anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions” [MATTER] describes a project being conducted in Iceland. A team of scientists on the CarbFix project are studying “sequestration,” which is the process of capturing gases such as CO2 and removing it permanently from the air. The commonly accepted theory states that sequestration requires thousands of years and the CarbFix study was expected to require many years to show measurable results. The article “New solution to carbon pollution?” [SCIENCE] published in Science magazine, describes the project. The team drilled wells, installed pipe and pumps, and began pumping gas into the wells. In just a few months one pump was failing regularly so the team hauled it up to the surface for maintenance. The pump was covered with a brittle crust. The team was surprised to learn that the crusty stuff had captured a large amount of CO2. This occurred far sooner than expected and suggests that CO2 sequestration can occur in very large quantities, perhaps up to 95% of injected volume, in a matter of months.

These studies, and other research underway, reveals a world far more dynamic and powerful than many believe. With clear-headed research we may find that the on-going processes of our Earth are keeping the planet healthy and alive, and that we can rely on it to sustain us for eons. In support of such hopes, 2017 brought new initiatives that build on these discoveries. The article “Iceland Experiment Successfully Turns CO2 Emissions into Rock” [HIRJI] describes an overview the sequestration process now underway in Iceland. A video, “Carbon Recycling Experiment in Iceland Crystalizes CO2” [KOUMQUÉ] also provides an introduction. Both articles cover the article “Underground injections turn carbon dioxide to stone” published by Science Magazine [KINTICSH].

Science. The process is continuous.

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Deep Earth Illustration: Modified from R.G. Trønnes (2010), Mineral. Petrol. 99, 243-261