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4.2.14 Release

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Just released!

Pops 4.2.14

This release includes the following customer requests plus stability and performance improvements.
-Lease Imports now include a Signing Bonus Per Acre option.
-Well Imports will now allow “not used” on consecutive columns.
Well Module
Lease date will auto-populate when a relationship is created between a lease and a well.
Statements of Interest Module
In the Division Interest tab, there is a section for Net Revenue Interest. In this field there are two columns:
1) Royalty Decimal interest
2) Date Active
This window now expands to four more columns to show what type of interest this is (Royalty, Overriding, Working, etc.), royalty as a fraction, date inactive, as well as an option to choose a Before/After Completion.

This allows us to help our customers who have working interest or overriding, as well as those who are managing for others.

4.2.7 Release

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Just released!

Pops 4.2.7


This release includes the following customer requests plus stability and performance improvements.
New Receipt Type
We added a new receipt type, “Force Pooled Royalty Interest”, specifically for Energylink spreadsheets.
Statements of Interest
We changed the name “Lessee” to “Issuer” on the Interest tab in the Tract Editor.
Tracts Tab
The list columns Township and Range on the Tracts tab now display the direction names.

4.2.6 Release

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We are excited to announce the

4.2.6 release!


1099 Form
Pops allows you to now enter 1099 form information and produces reports reconciling them with your revenue for those time periods. Just in time for the end of the year.


Entering Checks
When entering checks in the Revenue module, Pops will alert you right away if you try to enter a duplicate check number. This is instead of waiting until you try to save the check.

Receipt Validation Window
The Receipt Validation window now has a column for Distribution Total, and allows you to select which receipts to validate.


Import Codes and Type Fields
Import of code and type fields is now case-insensitive. An example of this is when importing a Product Type of “GAS”, it will now match our type which is “Gas.”

Pops 4.2.5 Release

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We are excited to share with you that the Pops version 4.2.5 has been released!

Check below for some of the improvements.

Distribution Editor

If you have not entered an Owner Gross Amount in the Distribution editor, it will now calculate it for you when you enter the Owner Run Statement Net Totals.

Tract Inventory List
While running a tract inventory list, you can now export the report to a CSV file.

Pops can now import joint interest billing statements (JIBs) from EnergyLink as well as import production spreadsheets from Coffeyville Resources!

Import Window
Now shows a list of import options. Letting you just select what it is you need.

Pops Royalty Manager 4.1 Released

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We’ve been busy bees over here at Pops and are happy to share that we have a new release for you – Pops Royalty Manager Software Version 4.1!

New Features

  • Support for MacOS Big Sur (MacOS 11.x)
  • Enhanced search features. See online user guide section “Searching In Pops” for details.
  • The Titles Available for Lease report now supports expanded search parameters
  • New report to list post production deduction cost for wells.
  • From a single spreadsheet file, create titles, leases, wells, division orders, and all of their issuer, payor, and operator companies


  • Titles Available for Lease report now allows criteria selection.
  • The Reports window has been redesigned to give more flexibility when selecting what information to print.
  • Well import now reports an error if the Operator name was missing in the import file.
  • Folders used for CDEX and EnergyLink import are now contained in a “Pops Royalty Manager” folder in “Documents”.
  • Performance improvements on 64 bit computer systems

And a passel of product quality and user experience improvements suggested by our customers.

Version 4 is Ready to Rock!

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Version 4 is Ready to Rock!

Rev it up! We are very excited to release our newest version of Pops Royalty Manager software to you! This release runs on MacOS Catalina 10.15 and Windows 10.

It is built on a new 64 bit engine under the hood to run faster and take up less room on your computer. Who doesn’t love a fast organizational tool? Get your royalties under control fast!


Read the Press Release

Version Released

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This release includes two new feature sets as well as general maintenance and improvements.

  • New columns now available in the import tools for Statements of Interest
  • Print to CSV, Tab Delimited, Text, and Clipboard from the Main Viewer

Current users can update automatically. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

See Pops at 2019 NARO Convention

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See Pops at 2019 NARO Convention

Pops Royalty Management Software is a proud sponsor of the NARO National Convention in Pittsburgh, October 2nd through 4th. It’s not too late to register. We would love to see you at the conference!

Pops Royalty Management Software has a lot of great features to ease management of your mineral, oil and gas assets. Stop by our booth or give us a shout to set up a private appointment or a demo at the expo. Current users can also schedule training sessions with Tiffany and Mark. Email us at or call (619) 296-0114.

Can’t make it to Pittsburgh? Contact us for a demonstration

Pops Releases Version 3.3.01 for Mac and PC

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Version 3.3.01 includes a feature that will alert users (both Desktop and Enterprise) at program startup when a new software update is available and will start the install with the click of a button. It also includes a number of improvements and fault resolutions.

Enterprise clients will be contacted for an installation appointment and preview of the new features.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are using a version of Pops older than version 3.3.0, you must upgrade to version 3.3.0 before attempting to update to version 3.3.01. Please call if you have any questions or concerns.

To update your software:  
Version 3.3.0 and version 3.3.01 for Mac and PC are available on the Pops download site
Password information was sent to current clients via email.
Locate your downloaded installer file(s) in your Downloads folder and double click the file (.exe for PC or .dmg for Mac) to launch the installation.For questions or assistance email or telephone (619) 296-0114.

Update v3.3.0 for Mac and Windows Now Available

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Pops releases version 3.3.0!


Thanks for using Pops Royalty Manager! The application is updated frequently to provide you with the best possible experience. This software update is free to download and recommended for all users.


To update your software:  

Visit the Pops Download site by clicking here

Password information was sent to current clients via email.  Enterprise clients will be contacted for an installation appointment and preview of the new features.


Here are a couple enhancements you’ll find in this Pops update:

  • NEW Excel Spreadsheets Import feature!
    • Save time and energy by not having to re-type information you’ve already saved in spreadsheets.
  • NEW CDEX import feature!
    • Import your CDEX check receipt details to easily view all those royalty line items.
  • NEW Division Order Comparison Report!
    • See at a glance important info like lease holder, operator, Net Revenue Interest (NRI), and location.
  • Plus other enhancements to make the software even better!