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Pops Hits The Road

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Pops Hits The Road

We’re taking our show on the road!

We’d love to show you a demo or, if you’re already using Pops, hear about how it’s working for you. Either way, be sure to stop by our booth for some goodies and a smile at the following conferences in 2017.

Pops is proud to be a National Sponsor of the 2017 National Association of Royalty Owners! Come to one of these great conferences to learn about managing your minerals and to see Pops in action.


NARO Pennsylvania State Convention

March 30th & 31st, in State College, Pennsylvania


NARO Oklahoma State Convention

April 19th-21st, in Norman, Oklahoma


NARO Louisiana State Convention

April 24th & 25th, in Shreveport, Louisiana


NARO Texas State Conference

July 10th-12th, in Austin, Texas


NARO California State Conference (link coming soon)

August 2017, in Long Beach, CA


NARO 2017 National Conference (link coming soon)

September 6th-8th, in Dallas, TX


If you’re thinking about attending any NARO 2017 conferences but haven’t signed up yet please go to this link for more information on how to register 


Pops Royalty Manager 3.1.08 released

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Pops Royalty Manager 3.1.08 released

Pops Royalty Manager version 3.1.08 for Mac and Windows is now available. Version 3.1.08 is a maintenance update that improves performance, stability, and overall efficiency. The Find function includes significant enhancements of the “full text search” feature as well as over 40 other improvements, including storage of digital documents.

For a limited time, you can purchase Pops Royalty Manager Regular Edition for only $895.00, that is $600 off the standard price. This special price includes one year of support, no monthly fees and a hassle free 90 day money back guarantee. Your purchase of Pops includes membership to the Pops Support Site, an excellent resource for new and experienced users alike. Users can login and access the user guide, learning tools, and engage in group discussion. To buy at this great price, please visit the Purchase page at

The Process Is Continuous

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Science is not a pronouncement, it is a process. It is an exercise in the aggregation of knowledge over time and revising what is considered to be fact as new information is found. An example is the Copernican Revolution and Galileo’s theory that the Earth orbits the Sun. Scientific work often results in changes of “the facts”.

In the latter part of the 20th century, the concept of “compaction” became the accepted theory describing the creation of oil and gas. The idea is coal, oil and natural gas originate from the remains of plants and animals that died millions of years ago that were buried under layers of water and sediment, which prevented the normal decomposition into dirt that occurs in the surface layers of the earth. These remains were compressed into sedimentary rock over the course of millions of years. Compaction theory says oil and gas in the ground is finite, and this limitation is part of the “peak oil” theories.

In the fall of 2015, Science magazine published the article “How buried water makes diamonds and oil” that describes the “Deep Earth Model” theory [HAND]. The model describes how water, 200 kilometers (roughly 124 miles) down, dissolves ions and causes many unexpected chemical reactions. Part of these reactions is the creation of “new” oil and gas. This model describes a continuous active process similar to those observed in biological systems and a process of creation with a vastly shorter timeline than the compaction theory. It challenges the compaction theory and may significantly alter modern theories of biology and geology.

CarbFix is an interesting project described in the report named “Rapid carbon mineralization for permanent disposal of anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions” [MATTER]. CarbFix is an investigation of “sequestration”, which is the process of capturing gases such as CO2 and removing them permanently from the air. The commonly accepted theory states that sequestration requires thousands of years. The CarbFix study was expected to require many years to show measurable results. Less than two years into the project, a remarkable discovery was made by the team; it is described in the article  “New solution to carbon pollution?” [SCIENCE] published in Science magazine. The team drilled wells into basalt formations, installed pipe and pumps, and began pumping gas into the wells. Early in the project one pump began to fail regularly so the team hauled it up to the surface for maintenance. The pump was covered with a brittle crust. The team was surprised to learn that the crusty stuff had captured a very large amount of CO2. This occurred far sooner than expected and shows that CO2 sequestration occurs very quickly and in very large quantities, perhaps up to 95% of injected volume.

These studies, and other research underway, reveal far more dynamic and powerful natural systems than many believe exist. The CO2 “problem” may not be the horrible mess the news media and politicians claim, not unlike the “Y2K” computer issue. As new research brings new information, we may learn of ongoing natural processes that are keeping our Earth healthy and alive.

[HAND], Science 06 Nov 2015; Vol. 350, Issue 6261, pp. 613-614
[MATTER] Science 10 Jun 2016 Vol. 352, Issue 6291, pp. 1312-1314
[SCIENCE] Science 10 Jun 2016 Vol. 352, Issue 6291, pp. 1262-1263

NARO National Convention – Dallas Oct 6

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NARO National Convention – Dallas Oct 6

Howdy and a big shout out to everyone heading toward Dallas for the National NARO Convention (Register Here) – Oct 6 to Oct 8. The Pops Crew will be there showing our Pops Royalty Management product. If your looking for mineral rights management software, check us out!

Pops is built by Mophilly, have a look at, a small but expert business software company.  Mophilly specializes in linking complex business data to iOS and Android mobile systems.


Petroleum In Daily Life

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Petroleum In Daily Life

When you think of petroleum, what comes to mind first? Gasoline, Vasoline, Maybelline? Take a moment to think about this; how many can you name?

Some people are insisting that everyone on the planet give up petroleum entirely, click here to see article. What would that really mean in terms of daily life?

There are thousands of products made from petroleum, from eye liner to cell phones. The vast majority have little or no environmental impact at all. More significantly these products are a great boon to people around the world.

Here is a link to lists of everyday products that benefit from petroleum… Products Made from Oil and Natural Gas

Petroleum Is Part Of The Solution

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Petroleum Is Part Of The Solution

Thousands, if not 100’s of thousands, of Californians own mineral interests… even property owners in cities. Governor Jerry Brown, like so many who lived through the 1960’s and 1970’s, realize the the world energy deficit cannot be filled with wishes and faith. The world energy shortage affects billions of people. The problem is overwhelming and complicated. Petroleum is part of thousands of products that do not pollute in the way that personal automobiles do, and is part of the solution. Surprised? Mr. Brown needs the support of mineral owners in California and through out the United States.

See more on Facebook…

California Gold Country: NARO 2016 Sacramento

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California Gold Country:  NARO 2016 Sacramento

Spa treatments for your royalty paperwork? Pops will be at California NARO Convention in Sacramento, May 19th and 20th.

NARO and ShaleCast announce alliance

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April 20, 2016 (Chicago, Illinois) – The National Association of Royalty Owners (NARO) and today announced an alliance to assist landowners participating in the shale revolution. “We believe this platform can be a game changer for the millions of royalty owners generated by the shale boom,” said Jerry Simmons, executive director of NARO.  Simmons added, “For nearly 40 years, NARO has been educating and advocating for the nearly 8 million royalty owners across the United States, and ShaleCast is a great complement to that longstanding mission. We look forward to making it available to all our members who have a need for forecasting information for their families and businesses…

Read More Here on

Say Howdy to NARO Oklahoma April 27th

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Say Howdy to NARO Oklahoma April 27th

Oklahoma is the home of “Pops” Phillips and many of his descendants live there still. Pops Royalty Software will be there at the 2016 OK NARO State Convention with a booth in the exhibit hall. Stop by and say hello.

Get Your Cure Here: Louisiana NARO April 25th

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Get Your Cure Here: Louisiana NARO April 25th

Stop by and sample our powerful paperwork processing potion. Pops Royalty Software will visiting at the 2016 NARO Louisiana Convention, April 25th and 26th in Lafayette LA, at the DoubleTree by Hilton. Our elixir is ready to soothe your paperwork pains.