Pops Royalty Manager Version 4 Available Now

Organize Mineral Royalty Paperwork Efficiently

San Diego, CA – July 19, 2020 – Mophilly Technology, Inc., today released Pops Royalty Manager Software Version 4, a modern lease and royalty tracking software system focused on easing the burden of paperwork, reducing your time spent with run statements and document management.

Pops Royalty Manager is a robust solution for your document management needs. It is designed by third generation oil & gas investors to the standard of large industry by experienced software engineers. The relationships of the documents are drawn together into a rich interface that puts all the important information right in front of you.

Pops Royalty Manager presents two modules: the Document Module, for managing the details and relationships of leases, deeds, DO’s and wells, and the Revenue Module for tracking and reporting money, production data and calculations.

Scanned documents, spreadsheets, letters and images are stored in the digital document repository, easily accessed using Pops Royalty Manager. Within minutes, groups using the Enterprise edition will have a copy on their systems as well as a safe backup. 

New Features


Pops Royalty Manager version 4 is built on 64 bit technology so it runs on all modern systems, including MacOS Catalina. This release has a smaller footprint and better utilization of computer resources. It also includes dozens of improvements in the core of the application.

New Bright and Playful Look

Pops Royalty Manager is sporting a new playful look with new icons stylized with the iconic Pops look of Pops in mind. 

Revenue Module

A new Revenue Module tab located on the Main Viewer allows fast access to income and run statement information stored in Pops Royalty Manager. The search function is robust so you can sort and filter information quickly and easily.

Revenue Detail Tab

Each Detail window now features a Revenue tab. This tab allows users to quickly view revenue history from any of the Main Modules and Detail viewers.

Electronic Data Import

Automated import of data from any CDEX compliant source, such as OilDex, PDS, or EnergyLink. Enter data into Pops Royalty Manager by importing information for companies, titles, leases, division orders, and wells from any tab-delimited format.

Clone Feature

Use an existing record as a template for a new entry. The clone feature saves time when entering in new data for leases, division orders, wells and receipts by allowing the end user to clone any existing Detail Viewer.  For example, entering multiple Titles/Deeds with the same Grantor/Grantee or other recording information is quick and simple. Click the new Clone button to copy the existing data into a new record and modify any necessary data. This will save time and key-strokes.


Pops Royalty Manager now features a two-part delete process. The new feature puts deleted items “in the trash”, but does not remove them from the data system. The new Trash window allows for review and the option to completely remove the item.

Updated Search Functions on All Modules

The new search function under the magnifying glass in each Module where you can select search criteria for each module and drill down to find exactly what you are looking for.

New Reports in Reports Module

Shut-in/Bonus Report, Lease Comparison Report, deposit spreadsheet by Payor Report and sales by Product Yearly Comparison Report.

New Features on the Lease Module

Ability to identify type of lease -Land Lease, Pooled, Overriding Royalty Lease (Don’t see the document type? Head over to Preferences and add in a new document type). In addition, the Main detail viewer of the Lease module now shows who the current Payor is based on your latest check entry.

Drag and Drop Document Relationships

Create relationships between titles, leases, division orders and wells by using drag and drop, open the relationship search window and select the matching listings and drag them to the editor. 

Identify the Type of Lease You Negotiated

Leases are a pivotal aspect of Mineral Management. They detail the terms of production as well as any future royalty payments. Pops now offers a unique way to quickly identify a Gross Proceeds or Net Proceeds lease directly from the Lease Detail Editor window.

Other Improvements

Entry of fractional interests now handles back spaces, automatic backup of data at startup, new reports for revenue and business activity and ability to relate Wells from any Module.

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