4.2.14 Release

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Just released!

Pops 4.2.14

This release includes the following customer requests plus stability and performance improvements.
-Lease Imports now include a Signing Bonus Per Acre option.
-Well Imports will now allow “not used” on consecutive columns.
Well Module
Lease date will auto-populate when a relationship is created between a lease and a well.
Statements of Interest Module
In the Division Interest tab, there is a section for Net Revenue Interest. In this field there are two columns:
1) Royalty Decimal interest
2) Date Active
This window now expands to four more columns to show what type of interest this is (Royalty, Overriding, Working, etc.), royalty as a fraction, date inactive, as well as an option to choose a Before/After Completion.

This allows us to help our customers who have working interest or overriding, as well as those who are managing for others.