NARO – Our First and Successful Show

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The maker of Pops, Mophilly Technologies Inc., had a booth at NARO this past week and showed off Pops Royalty Software: Beta version (testing version). Mark O. Phillips (aka Mophilly) demo’d almost continuously while Steve arranged demos and herded people.

People came from every part of the USA and even internationally. There were many families who had inherited royalties from family farms. And there were lots of ranchers and farmers and small town bankers, like us actually. New to us were the East Coast owners who have land in the Marcellus Shale.

It was a success! Pops got lots of great feedback and ideas. We also had lots of interest, including people asking to buy the program even in it’s Beta stage. It’s clear that this is business that people are hungry for help with.

The Pops Royalty Software elixir bottle, designed by Steve, was such a hit that people offered to buy it. Next year we may well be selling elixir.