Pops Releases Version 3.2.10 for mac and windows

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Pops v3.2.10 includes fixes and enhancements in searching, printing, and reporting. This is a FREE upgrade for current customers. Not signed up yet? Get started using Pops so you can: Increase your revenue opportunities by tracking leases that are about to expire Track your revenue, see which wells are not paying, and stay ahead of the game Scan and save documents within the program so you can declutter your office Store important facts about your property, leases and other documents Collaborate with others in your business around the world without needing a web browser Help future...

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Pops Royalty Holiday Greeting 2017

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Frequently Asked Questions: Q: Where are you located? A: Pops is sold and supported by Mophilly Technology, Inc. Mophilly is located in San Diego, California, one of the new hot beds of software technology development. Mark Phillips, creator of Pops and President of Mophilly, has roots in Chelsea, Oklahoma. His grandmother, a Cherokee educated at the Cherokee Female Seminary, had her home and “allotment” land. Q: Why is your software called “Pops”? A: Back in 1902, our forefather W. G. Phillips moved to the Cherokee Nation, now called Oklahoma, exploring for oil and drilling wells. As the...

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Pops Installers is Coming Together

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Getting the installers absolutely correct is critical and surprising difficult, with all the flavors and types of machines out there. The Windows installer is now being built, round two. Not ready for the public but we are able to play with it. Check the picture! The Mac installer still some has issues, so we are expecting that will be ready this coming week.

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Pops Gettin’ Beta

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CROSSED OFF the LIST One bug at a time, one little issue solved and the next and the next. We are getting close to releasing the Public Beta version of Pops Royalty Software. Currently, Steve and Tiffany are using the Bug Tracker and reporting issues to Mark, who sets about fixing them.We keep crossing off items, but we are also finding more little issues. Other family members are also testing Pops. DOCS Documentation is being rewritten by Steve and all of the screenshots are being replaced.  A suite of graphics, backgrounds, icons and buttons have been done by Steve. Meanwhile, cousins...

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NARO – Our First and Successful Show

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The maker of Pops, Mophilly Technologies Inc., had a booth at NARO this past week and showed off Pops Royalty Software: Beta version (testing version). Mark O. Phillips (aka Mophilly) demo’d almost continuously while Steve arranged demos and herded people. People came from every part of the USA and even internationally. There were many families who had inherited royalties from family farms. And there were lots of ranchers and farmers and small town bankers, like us actually. New to us were the East Coast owners who have land in the Marcellus Shale. It was a success! Pops got lots of...

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